while(i<2){ "Hello World"; } i++

First off, let’s begin with the casual: “Hello”. My name’s Connor. It’s nice to have you as a reader on this blog that is yet to realize its true form.

This blog is a project I have been wanting to start up (and, in fact, have begun to) for many years now. Going forward, I’m not sure what form it will take, but I hope I can make it a good one. Looking back at the various attempts I have made at this in the past, in the form of a few public posts and many unpublished drafts, one thing seems clear, I wanted this to be a structured yet free dumping ground of anything I make that someone might find useful. (How anyone could find use in a 3D-printer spool holder made from a water bottle and duct-tape, described in my linguistically creative but nonetheless broken English I do not know.)

My previous attempts have all failed because I either wanted absolutely no shackles (or proof-reading, or good-judgement for that matter, as can be seen in my first post which I leave up as a form of terribly self deprecating humor) OR wanted to create such high-quality lessons that there was never a chance I would finish the posts to my satisfaction in my spare time.

So! What should you expect to see here, dear single reader, who is most probably reading this post, half-asleep, late at night, so far in the future that you have a much better grasp on what my content will be than I. Well I’ll tell you!

  1. I encounter a lot of potentially useful lessons [read: “failures”] in a week, and I’m going to endeavor to post at least one of them every week.
  2. In addition to being enrolled in university and running a start-up, I have quite a number of side projects, details of which I will post here on the regular. I believe heavily in the open-source community and it’s time I start pulling my weight!
  3. Also, I’m involved in some research on prostheses, I hope to post quick notes any developments therein to this blog so that others (in communities such as eNABLE) may make use of them before I get around to publishing.
  4. Remember that company I mentioned wayyy back in #2. We’re currently working on developing a hardware product (premiering at CES 2017!) and all of it will be made open source. In addition, the start-up scene can be a tense one at times, especially with legal and economical considerations (everyone’s favorite!) looming overhead all the time. So, any lessons from the launch process will be shared!
  5. I am quite prone to musings of the linguistic and astrophysical variety but often lack anyone to share it with; so, perhaps they will end up here.

As you can probably tell from the above, I have my hand in a lot of different fields and am  not quite sure who I am in terms any one interest; but what I do know is that I enjoy -nay love- learning anything I can, no matter how practically useless it may seem (racking up them skill points!). If this seems like you, and you could use a topping up of some knowledge

XP, then join me as I journey into ever fleeing polymathy*!



*also memes, lots of crispy memes.