while(i<2){ "Hello World"; } i++

First off, let’s begin with the casual: “Hello”. My name’s Connor. It’s nice to have you as a reader on this blog that is yet to realize its true form.

This blog is a project I have been wanting to start up (and, in fact, have begun to) for many years now. Going forward, I’m not sure what form it will take, but I hope I can make it a good one. Looking back at the various attempts I have made at this in the past, in the form of a few public posts and many unpublished drafts, one thing seems clear, I wanted this to be a structured yet free dumping ground of anything I make that someone might find useful. (How anyone could find use in a 3D-printer spool holder made from a water bottle and duct-tape, described in my linguistically creative but nonetheless broken English I do not know.)

My previous attempts have all failed because I either wanted absolutely no shackles (or proof-reading, or good-judgement for that matter, as can be seen in my first post which I leave up as a form of terribly self deprecating humor) OR wanted to create such high-quality lessons that there was never a chance I would finish the posts to my satisfaction in my spare time.

So! What should you expect to see here, dear single reader, who is most probably reading this post, half-asleep, late at night, so far in the future that you have a much better grasp on what my content will be than I. Well I’ll tell you!

  1. I encounter a lot of potentially useful lessons [read: “failures”] in a week, and I’m going to endeavor to post at least one of them every week.
  2. In addition to being enrolled in university and running a start-up, I have quite a number of side projects, details of which I will post here on the regular. I believe heavily in the open-source community and it’s time I start pulling my weight!
  3. Also, I’m involved in some research on prostheses, I hope to post quick notes any developments therein to this blog so that others (in communities such as eNABLE) may make use of them before I get around to publishing.
  4. Remember that company I mentioned wayyy back in #2. We’re currently working on developing a hardware product (premiering at CES 2017!) and all of it will be made open source. In addition, the start-up scene can be a tense one at times, especially with legal and economical considerations (everyone’s favorite!) looming overhead all the time. So, any lessons from the launch process will be shared!
  5. I am quite prone to musings of the linguistic and astrophysical variety but often lack anyone to share it with; so, perhaps they will end up here.

As you can probably tell from the above, I have my hand in a lot of different fields and am  not quite sure who I am in terms any one interest; but what I do know is that I enjoy -nay love- learning anything I can, no matter how practically useless it may seem (racking up them skill points!). If this seems like you, and you could use a topping up of some knowledge

XP, then join me as I journey into ever fleeing polymathy*!



*also memes, lots of crispy memes.


Hello World

Hello World!

Having been toying with the internet for what is now approaching a decade, I find it awe-full to step  (or lean) back every once and a while when I’ve been writing it to realize the impressive amount of literality this statement has gained from the time when it was first used by Brian Kernighan in the 1,970’s [FACTOID NUMERUS UNUS!] up until now when, unlike in the ’70’s, these words can /truly/ say hello to every eye in the world which cares to turn and look.

Filt [<-jes, I will from time to time in here use my own Quasi-English -pronounce ‘t phonetically and you’ll be fine 😉 ] with such ideas and the urge to start a journal so that I could finally stop bantering to myself in public and almost then immediately forgetting what I thought of, where I am, what I was doing, what I’m holding, why I’m holding it, omg I can’t see my eyes -where’d they go‽, the missile launch codes, and which prime factor of 42 life is [<-I aim to solve this herein this blog], I finally got my fingers to depress the keys and start this blog:

Herein, regardless of if you choose to accept or not, you shall venture the mad ramblings of an insomniatic scholar’s project notes and binge typings which may seem to amount to saying nothing because that’s exactly what they’re doing! The aim on my end, however, being to post these ideas of mine as fodder for the masses in a pursuit to change the way people outlook things -to empower them with a MOTOSPECTIVE, everchanging and everpowerful because “if you change the way you look at things, you change the things you look at.”

So: Andiamo!, Incipiamvs!

-Connor W. Colombo “CoCo”