Hello World

Hello World!

Having been toying with the internet for what is now approaching a decade, I find it awe-full to step  (or lean) back every once and a while when I’ve been writing it to realize the impressive amount of literality this statement has gained from the time when it was first used by Brian Kernighan in the 1,970’s [FACTOID NUMERUS UNUS!] up until now when, unlike in the ’70’s, these words can /truly/ say hello to every eye in the world which cares to turn and look.

Filt [<-jes, I will from time to time in here use my own Quasi-English -pronounce ‘t phonetically and you’ll be fine 😉 ] with such ideas and the urge to start a journal so that I could finally stop bantering to myself in public and almost then immediately forgetting what I thought of, where I am, what I was doing, what I’m holding, why I’m holding it, omg I can’t see my eyes -where’d they go‽, the missile launch codes, and which prime factor of 42 life is [<-I aim to solve this herein this blog], I finally got my fingers to depress the keys and start this blog:

Herein, regardless of if you choose to accept or not, you shall venture the mad ramblings of an insomniatic scholar’s project notes and binge typings which may seem to amount to saying nothing because that’s exactly what they’re doing! The aim on my end, however, being to post these ideas of mine as fodder for the masses in a pursuit to change the way people outlook things -to empower them with a MOTOSPECTIVE, everchanging and everpowerful because “if you change the way you look at things, you change the things you look at.”

So: Andiamo!, Incipiamvs!

-Connor W. Colombo “CoCo”


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